Special announcements:

  • The Anthony Lab is proud to announce that William Jonsson’s manuscript “Physiological responses to dietary sulfur amino acid restriction in mice are influenced by Atf4 status and biological sex” was accepted for publication by the Journal of Nutrition! Congratulations to lead author William, plus contributing authors Nick Margolies, Brian Zalma, Jordan Levy, and Emily Mirek!
  • Well done William Jonsson on an excellent presentation at the monthly meeting of the Rutgers RNA Club on November 13th!
  • Great job William Jonsson and Jordan Levy, who presented their original data at the second IFNH Annual Research Day on November 4th!
  • Congratulations to William Jonsson for a very well-done presentation at the USDA-National Institute of Food and Agriculture’s NC-1184 Annual Meeting on October 23rd!

Past events:

Halloween 2020! Staff’s costumes inspired by D.C. Comic Villains